Saturday, August 09, 2008

8AM - Bird cages.
Readers have written us email, cautioning to keep Boid in his bird cage. "You will lose your parakeet. He will get loose and fly away!" Well, we may one day lose Little Boid. However, we do not want to keep him in his bird cage.

Boid is such a happy guy. When he wakes up in the morning, he flies over to a window, chirping at the outside. While SeƱorita Tioga is driving down the road, Boid often flies around from the front to the back. Sometimes he lands on my head, to tell me hello. Most often Boid sits on the passenger seat back, singing up a storm or preening his feathers!
Boid singing with happiness
because he loves the morning.

10AM - Roadside restaurants in Mexico.
We see tons of people eating in these little outdoor roadside restaurants. This morning, Little Mavicito and I decided to eat in one of them.

In the pic below, you may view all of the foods available. We chose a chili relleno, which was placed inside two corn tortillas along with Spanish rice. There is a salsa made from nopales.

Everything is sooooooo good!
Huge kettle of foods for sale.


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