Friday, August 15, 2008

8AM - Camped at sports facility.
When the Sun came up this morning, we found that Mr. Sunny's solar panels were in shadows behind a tree. So, we moved from our Nite Camp and found a nice sunny place at the City of Zitacuaro's sports facility! There are two stadiums here.

Little Mavicito took the pic below for you to see.
Zitacuaro looking east from the highway.

Mesa Arch in Utah has fallen!

A few days ago, fabulous Mesa Arch in Utah fell down. We had the wonderful opportunity to visit Mesa Arch at sunrise two times. The first time in May, 2006. You may visit that blog day by clicking [HERE].

We were reminded of our visit to Utah and Mesa Arch, because we are working on finishing our "Yesterday/Tomorrow" buttons this morning. Only May, 2006 remains, and then these buttons will be on everyday of our blog!

Note: Whoops! I goofed! It is "Wall Arch" in Arches National Park that fell. "Mesa Arch" that I wrote about above still stands and is in Canyonlands National Park. Both in Utah.

Worrying about the future!

I receive email from readers worrying about their future. Perhaps because of not having enough money to live on? They want to know how I get by?

Well, I'll tell you. I live in today, and have faith in my future!

Readers also write wondering about where I am going? Why doesn't my trip plan go more than a month [sometimes only a few weeks] into the future. Well, it's because I don't plan that far. It seems to me that planning is the one thing that may easily spoil a good time.

I want everyday to be a surprise. That's why I explore rather than research. And find things by wandering around.

7:30PM - Our Nite Camp at Zitacuaro's Sports Facility.

In the parking lot.


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