Friday, August 01, 2008

8AM - George messed up!
As you may recall, yesterday MsTioga's starter would not turnover. Francisco, who we met yesterday, found that a battery connection was loose. Also, MsTioga's house battery would not start her engine. This morning it was decided to check the batteries out.

It turns out that the house battery had one cell with water below the plates! Wow! This is a major goof up. I am so surprised, because I take pride in doing good maintenance. Also, there was a lot of corrosion on all the battery cable connections.

The corrosion was wire brushed clean and the house battery cells are now filled with distilled water. After this work, the house battery started MsTioga's engine with no problem.

There is a good possibility that exposing the house battery plates reduced the battery life a great deal. We will be keeping an eye on that battery now.

George doing battery maintenance.

11AM - Swimming in the river.
The three girls talked a lot yesterday about going to the river. They told of the water that was so clear and how the river was a good place to go swimming. This morning the kids walked down to MsTioga and asked to make sure that I was still interested in going to this river.

Their father, Francisco, is off to to the City of Oaxaca on errands. So, Adela [Mom] and the three girls all piled into MsTioga and we took off for the river. I was somewhat surprised to find that the river is actually a river diversion. It is a nice place to swim though!

The girls in the river.

Pano of the river.

8PM - Staying Camped in Tamazulapan.
Well, it's evening time and clear to everybody on The Team that we are staying another nite in this lovely green grassy field.

Little Mavicito has been trying for much of the afternoon to capture a pic of a puffy bird that flies around here. This bird is a bright orange and yellow. Little Mavicito has not been able to get close enough!

Our own Boid is having a marvelous time too. He is such a happy little guy, and is much fun to have around.

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