Sunday, August 10, 2008

9:30AM - Yesterday/Tomorrow pages.
This morning Ms. Viola and I completed putting Yesterday/Tomorrow buttons on all of March, 2006's blog pages. Now we only have April and May, 2006 to finish and you will be able to read all the way from May, 2003 [the beginning] to the present by clicking on our Yesterday/Tomorrow buttons!

We on The Team have been doing this "Yesterday/Tomorrow" project for a long time. When we first started doing our blog, it was like other blogs and scrolled down showing many days worth of our adventures. As time went on, we came to like only one day's adventure on each page. That was when the Yesterday/Tomorrow buttons were born.

The "Yesterday/Tomorrow button project" includes placing Google Map and Earth links showing our location [whenever possible].
Only April and May, 2006 to go!

11AM to 3PM - The Wal*Mart.
We've been told by Mexicans that we've met recently, that the City of Cuernavaca is beautiful. However, we do not know where to go in Cuernavaca. So, when we spotted a Wal*Mart Supercenter, we parked in their spacious parking lot.

We stayed there for quite awhile. Shopping and resting.
At the WalMart.

5PM - Camped in Cuernavaca.
We traveled thru Cuernavaca and saw road signs to El Centro. We do not want to chance going to El Centro. As you may recall, recently we had problems with tiny streets in El Centro's of some towns. So, we sort of went in the direction of the City of Toluca, west of here.

When it got to be late afternoon, we began to look for our Nite Camp. We found one in what appears to be an upscale neighborhood. This kind of Camp would not work in the USA. Still might not here. We are taking a chance.
Beverly Hills of Cuernavaca?


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