Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Air conditioner.
Did you know that we have no air conditioner? We don't have an air conditioner, because we gave it away! We prefer to live in an area where an air conditioner is not needed. Instead of changing our environment by cooling it off, we prefer to move to a place where it is already cool. Like the mountains where we are now.

We also used to have a 4KW Onan generator which we sold. The huge and noisy Onan electric generator was only needed to power the air conditioner. We bought a tiny 1KW Honda electric generator which is all that we need. The Honda is soooooo quiet. Runs like a sewing machine and I am able to lift it with only one hand.

It has been about 18 months since we gave away the air conditioner and sold the Onan generator. We have not missed them one bit!

Lifting Honda is so easy!

Online or offline data backup.
You may think that I am some kind of tech guy because I write a lot about tech stuff. Actually, tech stuff comes sort of hard for me. And I forget it pretty fast too.

A few days ago you may remember that I started testing Carbonite and Mozy, two online data backup systems. Then I received an email from Reader Al who recommended Memeo AutoBackup, an offline system.

So far, I like the Memeo offline backup system much better than the others. Memeo backs up data when my external hard drive is not available and saves this as a pending backup. A pop-up reminds me what is pending so that I don't forget to actually do the backup. I also like the software routine that Memeo uses to select what to backup. My Datastorm internet system is slow on uploads, and Memeo being offline is very fast.

12Noon - Leaving Waterfall Camp.

We are heading out from our Waterfall Camp toward the City of Morelia. Just before we left, Little Mavicito took this pic to share with you and for our memories.
The waterfall.

2PM - Periferico in Morelia.

Our buddy Jonna warned us to be sure and use the periferico when in large cities. We got in trouble in Toluca because we did not understand what a periferico looked like. [A periferico is a periphery road going around a city center-I think.] In Toluca the police asked for a bribe for this infraction.

Just as we were entering Morelia, ahead was the city center. Another road went north, and we took that road believing it to be the periferico. Mr. DeLorme [GPS] confirmed the periferico!

Lithium grease at the AutoZone.

A few minutes after being on the periferico, we came upon a large AutoZone store and stopped to find out if this AutoZone sold lithium grease. We have been looking to buy lithium grease for several months. It is hard to find in Mexico.

We need a grease that goes on dry for Mr. Levelers drive screw. Lithium grease seems to be the only grease that works well for Mr. Levelers!
Our two cans of lithium grease.

5PM - High above Morelia!
During the afternoon, Señorita Tioga looked over a large part of the big City of Morelia for our Nite Camp. There were a few places where we actually stopped and setup. However, these were somewhat poor neighborhoods and we did not feel comfortable with shiny Señorita Tioga Nite Camped there.

We kept heading west thru the city and decided to explore a large hill on the north side. And that's where we have made our Nite Camp. This is farming country. We are surrounded by corn fields!
We must be 500 feet above the city.


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