Friday, August 22, 2008

Boid says he is OK with staying in Mexico.
This morning Boid told me that he suspected that part of the reason that I'm concerned with crossing the US border, is that he will not be able to go with me. I had to admit that this was true.

Boid says that he is OK with staying in Mexico. "Just find a pet shop for me to stay with other boids like me."

I might not like being kept in a bird cage though.
Boid and George.

2PM - Señorita Tioga gets some work done in Zamora.

We have not told you about La Señorita's brakes yet. She has a low brake pedal. It has been low for over a month. Brake fluid is not leaking or anything.

We find Leonel, a brake mechanic who is working in the back of his house. His two teenage sons are helping him. Leonel checks out La Señorita's rear brakes, and says that they are good for another year. All that is needed is an adjustment.
Leonel adjusting rear brakes.

Leonel and Jorge.

La Señorita needs a wash job very badly. We have been looking for a car wash for weeks. Here in Zamora, we find a nice one owned by Rodrigo Lopez.

Rodrigo has a large shop where he does lube and oil changes and car/truck washing. Rodrigo's home is in the upstairs over his shop. Two of Rodrigo's teenage sons are working with him today along with two employees.
Rodrigo is the man on the left.

6PM - Our Zamora Camp in the center of town.
We found a large empty field. There are a bunch of homes and apartments along the road opposite this field. That's where we made our Nite Camp.

We met two brothers who live here in the neighborhood. Both of them worked in Santa Ana, California for a few years. The younger brother told me that this is a nice place to live. But that bad things happen here. Their uncle was kidnapped by a gang and held for ransom. It was a drug gang. If there were no drug gangs, this place would be good to live.
The Team's Nite Camp in Zamora.

8PM - Chatting with my neighbors.

Earlier in the evening I told you about the story of the kidnapped uncle. Now I talked with a family across the street from our Camp and, asked them about that kidnapped uncle.

Everybody told me that this was just a story that the nephew had made up. "He is a crazy kid!", the man across the street told me. "There are no gangs around here. It is very safe here. Do you believe that all of us would be out here sitting and chatting if there were gangs driving around with guns?"


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