Thursday, August 14, 2008

For our sons and daughters...
As we drove thru the State of Oaxaca, scrawled on rocks along the along the road were these words:
"For our sons and daughters,
for our country,
we are not going to let them take our oil."

There is a battle going on in Mexico. Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico, has proposed privatizing parts of Pemex, the state owned oil company. I've read headlines in newspapers about the referendum to privatize Petroleos Mexicanos. This is a big thing here in Mexico.

12 Noon - A lovely forest drive.

Our trip today took us thru a gorgeous pine forest. Little Mavicito made a movie of a portion of that drive so the you will get an idea of where we are.

3:30PM - Camped in the City of Zitacuaro.

How we found a place to make our Camp here in Zitacuaro is a miracle! This town is built on a slope of the Sierra Madre range. Señorita Tioga not only had to find a vacant space, but that space had to be level enough for Mr. Levelers to do his job.
La Señorita in Zitacuaro.

Little Mavicito has a word for you.
This morning as we were driving away from our Nite Camp, we passed a group of women washing clothes in a creek. I wanted to take a pic of them for you to see. However, it did not seem right for me to look down at them and take this pic.

These women were washing very brightly colored clothes of red, blue, yellow and purple. The women watched as Señorita Tioga drove slowly by.


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