Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Guadalajara and Lake Chapala.
Señorita Tioga and The Team are going to spend a few days poking around the City of Guadalajara and close by Lake Chapala. When you find out about Lake Chapala, you may begin to think about giving this area a try yourself!

From what we know, there are tons of Americans living in this area. Some buy their own homes financing with a US mortgage. Some live in apartments. We want to find out about the cost of apartments and homes here in Guadalajara and Lake Chapala.

Ms. Viola and I are up early [4am]. It has been raining steadily all nite long. Not a heavy rain, but enough drops falling on the roof to keep us from sleeping. After the Sun comes up, we will begin to explore!

Note: Click [here] for a MsTioga Magazine story about Mexico!

7:30AM - Rainy Day Session.

When I was in grammar school, they called it "Rainy Day Session." That's what we are having today. It was dark as nite until 7:15am. No way to charge Mr. Sunny's deep cycle batteries on a rainy day as this. So, our 1KW Honda generator is now doing its job.

We on The Team love this rainy day! No wind, and we are all snug and warm inside Señorita Tioga. Little Boid slept in, staying on his ring [his favorite sleeping place] until a few minutes ago. I got up and made a cup of hot chocolate. Then looked out at the rain.

We are not sure now if we will be exploring today, because we don't like driving in the rain.

12 Noon - South side of Lake Chapala.
The rain went down to a drizzle. So, we headed out for the south side of Lake Chapala. The homes here are not as ritzy as we expect them to be on the north shore. That's because homes to the north are closer to the City of Guadalajara.

3PM - Doing laundry in Tizapán.

As we were driving on the highway in the Town of Tizapán, we spotted a laundry. Just about the right time too.

In the pano pic below, the laundry is directly across from the red truck on the left.
The lavanderia in Tizapán.

4:30PM - Staying the nite in Tizapán.

We believe that we've gone far enough today. Twenty six miles! Señorita Tioga has made her Camp in a neighborhood of Tizapán. We are in front of a school.
Camp Tizapán.

Down the street from our Camp, is a small tienda [store]. The sign even reads "Tienda." Inside the tienda the fragrance of fresh bread is wonderful. The bread is still very warm. I buy three knowing I can only eat one.

It is French bread that I smell and it has a crust that is thick with a slight crunchiness.
Tienda down the street.

Milk & bread.


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