Saturday, August 02, 2008

Internet Explorer still not able to reach our web site.
We apologize to readers who were not able to reach our website yesterday evening. Apparently our webcounter, "SiteMeter" did something to their site, and now Internet Explorer crashes when SiteMeter code is on a website.

We have removed SiteMeter from our Blog and Home Page. Now you should be able to use Internet Explorer to view these pages.

SiteMeter is a very popular webcounter. Thousands of websites using SiteMeter are now crashing when accessed using Internet Explorer.

11AM - Heading south out of Talzulapan.
Ms. Viola [laptop] and I have spent much of the morning trying to repair the problem with SiteMeter ourselves. Just a few minutes ago, the SiteMeter counter began to work using Internet Explorer again! After IE began working, we went back and changed our code so that the counter is now visible.

It may seem weird, but Ms. Viola and I love these kind of challenges. Stirs our blood!

Now MsTioga and The Team are heading out of Talzulapan, going south.

3PM - City of Tlaxiaco.
MsTioga and The Team wanted to make our Nite Camp in Tlaxiaco. However, we found the streets thru Tlaxiaco very narrow with no place for our Camp. We came to a signalized intersection with direction signs. One sign pointed to "Putla", which was the way we should have gone.

We could not find "Putla" on our map quick enough to make the turn. When we stopped in the middle of this intersection and asked a policeman which way to go, he gave us the wrong directions.

When this wrong road that we are on got narrow and turned to gravel, we saw a place to Camp. Wow! We are soooooo lucky to find this place. There is a little stream flowing by our Camp.
Little Mavicito and Jorge look at the stream.

Do you see MsTioga thru the trees?

SiteMeter fixed the Internet Explorer problem.
During the afternoon, SiteMeter [our webcounter], published notices acknowledging that they had fixed their problem that prevented readers who use the Internet Explorer browser from reading our blog.

SiteMeter had been doing some changes in preparation for a new roll-out of their webcounter. These changes resulted in thousands of websites being unreachable using the Internet Explorer browser.


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