Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Town of Ixtlán and Los Hervores geyser!
The Town of Ixtlán de Los Hervores is in the State of Michoacán, Mexico. A thermal hot water geyser in the town shoots into the air about 30 meters. Some time ago, a park with a swimming pool was built at the site of this geyser. So now the Town of Ixtlán has a heated pool in the park!

You may see the location of the geyser in the pic below. It is the rock bed area toward the right side of the pool. The geyser shoots water into the air at irregular times. That is enough to keep the pool heated year round! [The geyser is not shooting in this pic.]
The heated pool in Ixtlán.

TiogaRV Team Budget Info

Our Budget Info page used to average our income and expenses over a year's period. Mr. Chips [desktop computer] and I were never completely comfortable with that presentation. So, we are now publishing a monthly income and expense report beginning with July, 2008.

Click [here] to go to our budget page.

You may also reach our budget page thru the "Behinds the Scenes" section of our Home Page.

NOTE: Not all expenses appear each month. For example, I pay for Datastorm internet system quarterly. The last Datastorm payment of $234 was paid in June.

12 Noon - Camping at the park.
Several people who live in the Town of Ixtlán suggested we camp in the town park where the thermal geyser is located. So, we did!

Little Mavicito wanted you to get the flavor of this park. He wandered around making a video. When Ms. Viola edited the video, she left the natural sound so that you would hear what it sounds like in the park.

7:30PM - Country Camped.
You would be amazed to see how excited Boid gets when we take off down the road. First he flies on to the top of the passenger seat and watches as I prepare to go. When we actually start off, Boid tweets up a storm! Running back and forth on the chair back. Then flying on to my head. Then flying to the way-back and up front again! Wow!

We have made a Country Camp next to a river. This Camp is a bit off the paved road heading toward the Town of La Luz.
A lovely view of our Camp at dusk.


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