Monday, August 25, 2008

Living the vagabonding life!
This post is especially written to you if your retirement finances are like mine. A bit too low. Perhaps you've wondered how you are going to live the good life? How will you make it?

Back in 2003 when I had hopes of becoming a "vagabonder-supreme", I wondered about that too. And, since I really had little alternative, I just plunged right in to being a fulltime RVer!

And look at me today in the pic below! Finishing breakfast at noon, sipping on an orange juice, and communing with Little Boid! Wow!
Sipping on an OJ at noon.

5PM - Sahuayo.
We have made a Nite Camp in a large field next to a Soriana store [like WalMart] in the Town of Sahuayo. On the way here, we passed thru towns that looked pretty ritzy. We saw homes that you might see in Santa Barbara, California.

The Team is very close to Lake Chapala, Tlaquepaque and Guadalajuara.


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