Sunday, August 03, 2008

MsTioga's house battery.
Do you recall a few days ago that MsTioga's house battery had one cell with very little water? Well, we checked that cell again, and it was dry. The sound of boiling could be heard from that cell which must be shorted out. Wow!

We decided to disconnect that battery from the house circuit. Now the house circuit [interior lites, refrigerator, etc.] are only powered by Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank!

We still need a house battery though, in case we ever have to start MsTioga's engine with this now missing battery.

The drive to Putla.

This was a gorgeous drive, beginning in the mountains at 6,900 feet, we descended the twisting mountain road. In about an hour, MsTioga was driving thru a pine forest. We kept dropping in elevation and after two hours more, we were in jungle again. Banana trees were growing along the road and we were now at 2,400 feet elevation.

This drive took us almost five hours! Often at only 15 miles per hour. Once we went all the way up to 35 miles per hour!

We have a small accident.
When MsTioga and The Team reached the Town of Putla, we wanted to look at the Center of town. What we did not know, is that the streets in the Center are extremely narrow and filled with taxis!

When we arrived at the Center square, MsTioga just barely touched a taxi's rear view mirror with her rear bumper. The lady taxi driver wanted 250 pesos [$25US] for her mirror. A crowd gathered. People in the crowd were shouting at me not to pay the 250 pesos. "She is just trying to get your money", a nearby lady told me.

We started talking with the taxi lady, and asked her if there were a place where we could park for the nite where it is peaceful and level. She said that there was. I agreed to pay her the 250 pesos if she would show me this place to park.
View of the accident scene
just before we struck the mirror.

A policeman wants a cut!
When we arrived at the place to make our Nite Camp, a policeman in another taxi drove up. He told me that tomorrow I would have to go to court, and tonite MsTioga would have to go to an impound yard. Then he asked me for my driver's license! Wow!

However, after I gave the policeman my driver's license, he began to talk to me about getting refreshments. At first I was bewildered, believing he wanted me to take him to a place and buy him some cokes or something.

However, I soon learned that was not what he wanted at all. He told me that for only 100 pesos [$10US], he would give me back my driver's license, MsTioga would not be impounded, and I would be "absolved" of any legal problems. Hmmmm? Such a deal!

4PM - Nite Camped in Putla.
So that is how we came to be Nite Camped on a small dirt side street in the Town of Putla. Man-O-Man! What an adventure! And it only cost $10US!
Our Camp in Putla.

Reader's donations.
In an email today, a reader wrote that I never sent a thank you for the donation to help me over the theft when I was visiting Israel. I thought that I had sent thank you emails to everybody. However, obviously not.

I am still not completely reconciled with my PayPal accounting. For several weeks after my computer was stolen, I missed receiving email from PayPal telling me of donations received. Replying to those PayPal emails, is how I sent my thank you to readers who donated to me.

If you are a reader who sent me a donation, and did not receive a thank you, please write to me and let me know.


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