Saturday, August 23, 2008

My apology to you.
A couple of days ago I made a big mistake. I brought politics into my "Adventures of Tioga and George" travel blog. I should have known better, because I'd made that mistake before. It seems that I learn my important lessons by making mistakes! Man-O-Man!

Of course I have political views and opinions. There is a place for these things. It is in my "Message Board" in the "Political & Religious" forum. My blog is for sharing with you my adventures. It is a travel blog filled with stories about what happens to me and The Team as we move from place to place.

My ShoutBox is for you to share your thoughts and feelings about the stuff of our adventure. Unfortunately ShoutBox became messed up with politics when I made my big mistake. All I can do now is shake my head at myself and go on from here.

9AM - Batteries, Boid and Goat.
Mr. Sunny has been searching to buy distilled water for his solar battery bank. Finally, we find some in a little car parts store around the corner from our Camp in Zamora.

This water is in tiny 500ml plastic bottles, not the one gallon jugs that we buy back in the USA. We buy two bottles for $1.80US. They are nice bottles for filling batteries because they have a tiny spout.

While I am filling the battery bank, Little Boid is at my side having wars with my scratch paper. And a young goat put out to pasture behind Señorita Tioga is not happy tied to a pole. The goat is bleating for more delicious food.
Showing you the tiny bottles of distilled water.

Boid having paper wars.

The unhappy young goat.

4PM - Find Boid in Ixtlán.

The Team is Camped on a lovely street in the Town of Ixtlán. Little Mavicito captured a pic of this street and the is pic is below for you to see!

Are you able to find Boid in his cage in this pic? The cage is small, so you will have to look very carefully.
Our Camp in Ixtlán.


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