Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New reader Vicky emails:
"You seem to camp in Mexico with no problems. Don't the police ever ask you to move?"

Well Vicky, I've found that Mexico is a live and let-live country. In six years of making camps in Mexico, my neighbors have never called the police on me. In most towns of Mexico, there are very few police.

When I say that Mexico is a "live and let-live country", you might be amazed at what that means! In internet cafes, for example, it means that people are talking with each other out loud, not quietly as you would expect. In libraries it is the same. Nobody that I've observed has ever "shushed" somebody else up.

3PM - Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos.
Wow! The Town of Ixtlahuacán is where we have made our Nite Camp. Try saying that name five times real fast!

Today we have driven about 180° around the lake. From the south shore to the north of Laguna Chapala. The Team has had one major goal during this day's trip. That is to learn about housing in case you were interested in living around Guadalajara and especially close to Lake Chapala.

Today's Trip toward Guadalajara & Lake Chapala.
When we first headed out west around the lake we found the traffic very light.
Early morning view of Lake Chapala.

However when we reached the north shore, heading toward Jocotepec, traffic blossomed.
North shore traffic.

Homes on the mountainside reminded of similar homes in Santa Barbara, California.
Is this Santa Barbara or Lake Chapala?

Is this US or Mexico?

We went to see some condos, and Little Mavicito took a pic of the rental prices. Definitely these are USA priced rentals
North shore condos.

We dropped into RE/MAX [real estate office] and had a nice conversation with agent Veronica Silva. Veronica showed us pics and info of some of her listings. One was a $680K US home. The other was $220K US and is a brand new home.

Veronica told me that her office arranges everything for the USA home buyer. Her office acts as an escrow [to protect your down payment] and they arrange for financing.

If you would like to email Veronica:
Lovely Veronica at your service.

My thoughts about living in the Lake Chapala area.
This place is very, very high priced. An apartment in most of the rest of Mexico is about $150/month US. Also, Lake Chapala is highly Americanized. As you may suspect from my blog posts, I much prefer to live in small Mexican towns and ranchos [country villages].

However, if you feel the need for the services offered here, especially restaurants styled after those found in the USA, Guadalajara and Lake Chapala may be worth considering!

Here is a link to the office of the lovely real estate agent, Veronica Silva!


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