Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nice day, nice place!
There is some discussion among the TiogaRV Team Members about going down the road toward Zitacuaro, Mexico today. Most Team Members like this place, and want to stay put. Especially Boid, who is busy watching, talking to and entertaining our neighbors as they walk by our Morning Camp.

It is such a beautiful day! Little Mavicito went up on Señorita Tioga's roof to show you what we see here. Most of our neighbors are walking around, and only a few are driving cars.
Camped in Mexico's farming country.

12 Noon - Headed down the road.

Well, we had a Team Meeting, and it was decided to head on down the road. As you may suspect, we on The Team are truly addicted to traveling. We love to drive. We love to make new Camps. This vagabonding life is such a kick!

2PM - Rain!

The weather turned dark. Then came the rain. You may know that Señorita Tioga does not care to drive when it is raining. We checked a couple of side roads for a Nite Camp. Then we found the place where we are now.

All around us are green fields. Across the road is a herd of sheep.

5PM - The Sun.
Now the rain has cleared. Little Mavicito went outside to take a pic to show you our Nite Camp. We love it here!
Our Farm Camp for the nite.

Readers ask about Mexican fuel prices.

We have received email asking about gasoline and diesel fuel prices. This afternoon at the Pemex [Mexico's national petroleum company], we took down the prices.
  • Regular: 7.32 pesos/liter [$2.72US/gallon]
  • Premium: 9.13 pesos/liter [$3.40US/gallon]
  • Diesel: 6.37 pesos/liter [$2.36US/gallon]
It is the diesel price at $2.36US/gallon that surprises us the most!

Note: This diesel sold in southern Mexico is not ultra-low sulfur fuel. It is only low sulfur. Ultra-low Mexican diesel fuel is only available in the Mexican states that border the United States.


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