Thursday, August 07, 2008

Only one Tioga & George Team.
From the very first time that I thought about living fulltime in an RV, I knew that there would be only one RV for me. It's not in my economic destiny to buy another RV. That's why maintenance is sooooooo important for us on The Team!

When Señorita Tioga was living in the Yucatan this year, the rainy weather and humidity were hard on her. Just this morning we attended to some terrible corrosion on the right and left underside of La Señorita's hood. First we wire brushed the rust, then painted with Rust-oleum.

We did some electrical maintenance too. We found a circuit breaker that may have been pulled from its housing during the battery installation yesterday. The circuit breaker is now back inside its plastic housing.

Forced air heater working again.
Do you remember a short while back when La Señorita's hot water and forced air heaters quit working? We were able to get the water heater going by spraying Caig DeoxIT into the wire electric connectors. However, the forced air heater still does not work!

This morning we decided to take another crack at it. Using a flashlite to look carefully inside the heater, we found two connectors that we had missed before. They were about 4" down inside the heater. After we used Caig Deoxit, the heater's burner lit right up!

Caig DeoxIT has saved us many, many times. We have no relationship with the Caig company. We just want you to know about this stuff.
George working on La Señorita's
forced air heater.

The TiogaRV Team does not boondock much in Mexico. The main reason is that there are few roads leading away from the highway. This morning some burros walked up from the dry river bed below our Breakfast Camp. That drew our interest, and after breakfast we took a look.

We found a nice Camp, not too far away from the highway. But far enough not to be visible.
The burros we saw.

Our Boondock!


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