Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Readers write about being afraid to RV.
Sometimes we receive email from readers who are afraid of dry camping away from the RV Campground. Or boondocking out in the wilds. You may know that our Team Mission [see bottom of blog] is to encourage you to dry camp and boondock as we on the TiogaRV Team do.

A recent email from a reader was concerned about being victimized while boondocking. We wrote back that it is possible to be a victim of some criminal out in the wilds. However, it is not very likely! Also, when you run afraid, you let that unknown criminal get you every single day!

We on the TiogaRV Team try very hard to listen to our instincts, and not make foolish camps. Like being exposed to lots of passing traffic in a remote place. Here in Mexico, we usually make our Camp in a city or town. We feel that's the best place for us in this country.

In the USA, cities and towns often are not safe places to make a dry camp. Depends on the neighborhood. In many USA neighborhoods, neighbors may call the police on you. Here in Mexico, that is very unlikely.
Our Morning Camp north of Tlaxiaco.

6PM - Señorita Tioga sprung a leak!
It's true! Señorita Tioga was driving in the mountains, and we stopped for a break. We could hear the sound of boiling coming from the radiator. After cooling off the engine, we filled the radiator with coolant and water [50/50]. What a surprise to find that the radiator required 5 liters of water! Wow!

We thought that the radiator cap was the culprit. However when we drove into Huajuapan to buy a new cap, we found that the radiator was very low on engine coolant again. And the engine was not even very warm.

That was when we began to look for the Ford dealer!

6:30PM - At the Ford dealer.
We are at the Ford dealer in the City of Huajuapan. A mechanic has already looked at Señorita Tioga's cooling problem. The mechanic says it is a bad heater core, which is leaking. It appears as though the mechanic will be working on fixing the leak tonite. Isn't that something?

We have made our Nite Camp in the driveway of the Ford dealer. This is a very small dealership, and the mechanic will be working right where we have made our Camp.
At the Ford dealer.

The Team causes quite a stir at the Ford dealer!
Two of the ladies who work in the office, came out and asked for a tour of La Señorita. Of course we agreed to give a tour. We love this kind of attention!
Gloria and Angelica!


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