Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sierra Madres of Mexico.
When I returned to Mexico from my trip to Israel on [July 1st], the weather was very hard to bear. Hot and most of all, extremely humid. My clothes never dried out because of the moisture in the air. What could I do?

What I had done in past years, was to drive Señorita Tioga into the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming. Now I found myself 3,000 miles south of that mountainous refuge. That was when the Sierra Madres of Mexico were discovered on our maps!

Perhaps if the TiogaRV Team headed for the elevations of the Sierras, we might find the coolness that we craved? So, that is what we did. We are in those Sierras of Mexico now. And we would like to stay in the lovely climate of the Sierra Madres during this summer!
Sierra Madres of Mexico.

7AM - Laguna Cajititlan.

Yesterday evening I went walking toward the Plaza of Ixtlahuacán and stopped for a little snack. The son of the restaurant owner began talking to me about how much he loved a little lake north west of this town called Laguna Cajititlan. We had a Team Meeting this morning and decided to go out to see this lake!

Traveling along the roads of Mexico.
When you begin to drive your RV around Mexico, you may find some interesting surprises. The road signs need some serious interpreting to comprehend. Especially the "arrows" pointing which direction to go.

You may follow an arrow pointing south in order to go to a destination north. You may follow that arrow south for perhaps a mile and come to a "Retorno" [U-turn]. This Retorno may or may not be marked with a sign informing you to make a U-turn to go north. But that's the way you must go in order to get to your destination. Hmmmmm?

This morning La Señorita took an off ramp and wanted to go west. But the off ramp went east. We waited a bit until some other car came off the ramp wanting to also go west. We watched as this car stopped at the edge of the road, waited for the traffic to clear and made a U-turn and then proceeded west.

Ah-ha! That's what to do!

9AM - El Centro of Cajititlan.
We have arrived at Cajititlan and drove around the center of this little town looking for a place to park near the lake. The roads here, like the roads of many small Mexican towns, are very narrow. Some barely passable! We parked on a street and then walked down to the lake.

Little Mavicito took a pic of the lake for you to see!
Gorgeous Laguna Cajititlan.

Our Camp near the lake!
While Little Mavicito and I were out on dock taking the pic above, a car with a fisherman drove up and parked near us. This meant that there was a road into this area from the plaza to the lake. We could not find this road before when we were driving around town.

We followed the car tracks in the muddy ground back to where the road was paved with stones. A young man was there practicing roping a post [he wants to be a cowboy]. We asked him if it were OK to park next to the lake, and he told us "Yes!"
Our Camp near the water.

Our Morning.
During the morning we walked over to The Plaza. The crew who take care of the plants and trees [mostly women] were up on ladders doing their work. Some of the trees are beautiful with gorgeous red/orange flowers.
Taking care of The Plaza.

Some of the crew were on a break eating some luscious looking fried tacos and I asked them where they got them. I went to this tiny single table outdoor restaurant and bought breakfast too. Also had a nice conversation with a husband/wife eating at this little restaurant.

The old church.
There is a church just off The Plaza in Cajititlan that was built in 1461. A bunch of kids were playing in front of this church, and I spent about an hour talking with them and listening to their stories.
Church built in 1461 and the kids.

NOTE: Although the date on the church clearly is marked engraved in stone as 1461, there is a question about the actual year of church construction.


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