Saturday, September 06, 2008

10AM - Leveling jack back on MsTioga!
Yesterday when we made our Nite Camp, Mr. Levelers' front right jack broke. The bronze drive nut stripped out! We had a spare drive nut on board and installed it this morning. The jack is now holding MsTioga level, and appears to be operating OK.

Reader JCorey wondered in ShoutBox if the leveling jack gets regular lubrication. Yes, it does. It is lubricated about once each week with lithium grease. This is a lube that in use is dry so as not to attract dirt. Unfortunately, the jack is in a very dusty location, close to the road. Eventually, the bronze drive nut strips out due to friction. That failure is inevitable.

You may read about our leveling jacks by clicking here.

Synthing the Church of Peguaros.
Yesterday afternoon as we passed the Town of Peguaros, Litle Mavicito captured a pic of the gorgeous church located there. That was when Ms. Viola our laptop computer decided to synth the church.

What? You never heard of synthing before? Hmmmmmm?
Pic of the Peguaros Church from the highway.

Put your mouse over the 'Synth' and scroll. Click, hold and move your mouse. Mess with the controls [+, -]. Click on various parts of the Synth.

5:30PM - San Jose de Los Lagos.

We have made our Camp next to the river running thru the City of San Jose de Los Lagos. After we arrived here, Mr. Levelers asked for his jack screws to be cleaned with solvent and re-lubricated with lithium grease.

In the pic below, Little Mavicito captures Señorita Tioga and The Team on a dark and cloudy afternoon.
Camped next to the river on a dark afternoon.

Kids come to visit.
In almost all of the towns that I Camp, kids come over curious about La Señorita. Their adult relatives are interested too. Now that I am able to carry on a pretty decent conversation in Spanish, these meetings are really pretty cool.
Kids from the neighborhood.


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