Monday, September 15, 2008

10AM - Mexican Independence Day fair.
We have stayed two nites in the City of Zacatecas in order to view the Independence Day celebration which will be held tonite. We had no clue what or where those festivities would be. It turns out the the celebration will be held in a fair on the east side of town.

We learned that there is no place where MsTioga may park inside the fair. And no place that we know outside where she will be safe while alone. Hmmmmm? Oh, well.

11AM - When the going gets tough, we go shopping.

Rememeber yesterday when we went to go shopping at the Bodega Aurrera store here in Zacatecas? There was no place to park in the lot. We wondered why there were soooooo many customers shopping?

When we were driving this morning to the see about Independence Day, we stopped at Bodega Aurrera and the lot was almost empty. Maybe the people were shopping yesterday for the two day holiday celebration?

4PM - Returned to Picones.
We are back at the Colonia of Picones for the nite. This is our 3rd nite here in this neighborhood west of Zacatecas. On the way back we left a load of laundry that will be ready tomorrow afternoon at about 2PM. So, it is a good guess that we may be here for another nite too. We like this Camp in the church playground.

Also on the way back here, we picked up two kids who were hitchhiking in the rain back to Picones. As MsTioga approached them, they made the "please" sign with two hands together. How could we refuse?

Why did the bridge cross the road?
Ever since The Team began making Camps in the Colony of Picones, we have been wondering why this bridge crossed the road? There is hardly any traffic on this road. And look how narrow is this road. We have never seen one person cross the bridge since we've been here.

Could this be a small version of the "Bridge to Nowhere" in Alaska?
George wondering about the bridge.


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