Saturday, September 13, 2008

8AM - Day Camped on the west side of Zacatecas.

We have been thinking about staying in Zacatecas until after the Independence Day celebration on September 16th. So, we moved a bit west of our Nite Camp in order to make a Day Camp.

We moved here to get out of the dense population part of Zacatecas. Yesterday evening we looked for a Nite Camp inside the city and came close to getting stuck in the narrow and winding streets!

Church Grounds Camp.
Our Camp is on the playground of a church. Not too much is going on here this morning. Two ladies have set up a fruit and vegetable stand nearby underneath a tree. Little Mavicito and I are thinking of going over and talking to these ladies later on to find out about the fruit and veggie business!
Our Church Camp.

Note: There are a bunch of neat photos of Zacatecas in Google Earth. Have you used Google Earth? If you haven't, you are missing something. It may take a little learning to use it though.

Click on my Google Earth link below.

2PM - Produce stand under the tree.

Business at the fruit and vegetable stand has been pretty steady during the morning, and picked up in the early afternoon. A mother her daughter and infant grand daughter are at the stand.

Little Mavicito and I went over, introduced ourselves and asked how business is going today. "Good, more or less.", the daughter told me. "More or less" is a very popular phrase in Mexico.

There is quite a large selection of fruits and vegetables to buy at this little stand under the tree. More than I have found in many markets along the highway.

Me: "How many days a week do you sell here?"

Daughter: "Only on Saturday."

Me: "What do you do with the things that are not sold?"

Mother: "The produce market takes it back."

Me: That's a good thing!"

There is a very nice Ford truck with Texas plates next to the stand. I wanted to ask if money from this little stand bought the truck, but I was not nervy enough to ask such a nosey question. Young people from the family arrived at 3pm to help load everything into the truck.
Customers at the little produce stand.


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