Thursday, September 04, 2008

9AM - Breakfast.
Yesterday while shopping for fruit, the little store here in the Town of El Refugio had some gorgeous cantaloupe for sale. They smelled soooooo sweet! The cantaloupe tastes good too. I had some for breakfast this morning.
Cantaloupe and cereal for breakfast.

Barranca del Cobre.
Do you remember early this year when we took the El Chepe train to Barranca del Cobre [Copper Canyon]? We were looking at the paper map of Mexico this morning and see that Barranca del Cobre is north of us. And, there are roads going to there too. We could actually drive there and Camp around!

Of course there is that drug stuff that we told you about yesterday. But Señorita Tioga says that she is OK with going there.

1PM - Ford dealer in Tepatitán.

Several weeks ago Señorita Tioga's interior heater sprung a leak. The hoses were removed from the heater and joined together in order to bypass the heater. As we were passing thru Tepatitlán we stopped at a large Ford dealership to see about replacing the leaking heater.

The parts department phoned the Ford distributor in Mexico City. If the heater is available it would take 3-days to ship it here. However, the heater is not available from Mexico City. It would take 20 days to come from the United States.

5PM - Wandering around town.

After shopping for some meat at a butcher, we decided to wander around to have a look-see around Tepatitlán. The streets thru town are big enough for comfortably driving La Señorita. Many of the side streets are old, made of squared off stones.

We ended up on the east side of town. The cuota [toll road] is a couple of hundred yards away. Of course as nearly always, this is a "free" Camp.
Free Camp on a paved rock Tepatitlán road.

All day long we have been having dejavu [already seen this place]. Looking at the Google Map, dejavu was overwhelming. We found that we had been here before, on February 11, 2008.

Wow! I think that I am losing it!


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