Monday, September 01, 2008

9AM - City of Guadalajara.
The Silicon Valley of Mexico is what the sign read as we entered the City of Guadaljara. I can tell you one thing, Guadalajara is a place with a lot of traffic.

Driving for me is very tense in these big cities where the regulations require driving in the periferico [periphery road]. As I mentioned to you before, the traffic signs point for the cars, not for trucks and RVs required to drive on the periferico. So, it is very easy to get lost trying to figure which road is the periferico.

I've pulled off into an industrial area and made a Morning Camp in order to get my bearings.
The Team in Guadalajara.

Had a little accident.
On leaving the Town of Cajititlán this morning we passed a little pet store and stopped to see if they sold seeds for parakeets. On driving away, I did not observe a light pole and Señorita Tioga's rear swung around and scraped the pole a bit.

It is not too bad, and I believe I'll be able to make everything look good. In fact, I've already straightened the bent door hinge and sanded most of the scratched places. The pic below shows what it looked like just after the accident.
Here's what the accident looks like.

12 Noon - Shopping Camped.

We have made a Shopping Camp near a Shopping Center that contains a WalMart. We love the WalMart!

3PM - Published August, 2008 Budget Report.
Ms. Viola and I are soooooo happy with our August Budget Report! Even though our expenses went up and income went down compared to July, The TiogaRV Team lived during August within our Social Security income! Isn't that neat!

You may view our Budget Report by clicking [here].

NOTE: You may also view our Budget Report by clicking on our HOME link on any of our web pages, and then tuning into "Behind the Scenes."

Testing systems for backing up a computer.
On August 16th, we began testing for a system to backup our computer. Initially we were only thinking about "online backup" systems, either Carbonite or Mozy. The following day we received an email from Reader Al McClughan suggesting "Memeo Autobackup", a software designed to backup to an external hard drive or another computer.

Mozy and Carbonite seemed pretty much the same, so the choice was made to compare Mozy with the Memeo system. So far, we on the TiogaRV Team like Memeo. We like the way Memeo reminds us to backup or does a backup automatically. Also the Memeo method of choosing files to backup is better than Mozy [although Mozy is pretty good in this category too].

One thing that is tipping the scales away from Mozy is the very slow upload speed of our Hughes internet system. We are backing up using Mozy right now and 40 minutes have gone by. Mozy is only 6.5% complete [if arithmetic is correct, this means over 10 hours for a Mozy backup].

Having our data stored online instead of inside MsTioga is a definite plus. So we are still deciding what to do.

Evening things.
After supper we decided to take a bike ride around the neighborhood. As soon as were going on Mr. Trek, it was clear that his rear tire had gone very bad. Some time back the rear brakes being not adjusted properly, contacted the tire and seriously abraded the rubber.

We asked some kids walking by for a bike shop, and one was only a few blocks away. We bought Mr. Trek a nice new tire. $8US installed. It looks nice too!

On the way back to Señorita Tioga, we passed a gourmet bakery and, being the weak things that we are, bought some pastry for an evening snack!
Can you imagine these with an
ice cold glass of milk?


Nite Camp Location