Sunday, September 14, 2008

9AM - Cloudy morning, no Sun.
Our Little Honda generator is on-the-job. No sign of the Sun yet. It has been drizzling rain so far this morning.

Baby Boid is on the window, looking at the cars and buses going by. Boid especially loves to look at the cows, and he talks to the cows too!
Boid talks to the cows.

Note: Boid looking at the cow pic above was taken this afternoon. The first pic taken this morning was much too dark.

2PM - Returned from El Centro.

We went grocery shopping at the Bodega Auerera store in El Centro. However, the parking lot was filled up. No place for MsTioga to park anywhere in the area. Most likely because today is Sunday. So, we have retured to our last nite's Camp in Colonia Picones.

We like to Camp in this place. There are cows and horses all around us and roosters crowing too! It is very tranquil here.

Sitemeter blows it!
Have you looked at our Sitemeter counter this weekend? It was not counting. Can you imagine that? However, just a few minutes ago the counter began counting again.

Sitemeter rolled out a brand new version this weekend. They did not test it first. Just rolled it out, and stopped using the old version. But there were soooooooo many complaints that Sitemeter reverted back to the old version again this afternoon.

I have been using Sitemeter for my counter since February 28, 2004.


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