Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Baby Boid has a heart filled with love.
Who wants nothing more than to look out the window and share his love with me? It is Baby Boid! This morning, Baby Boid flew over and landed on my head. He walked around for a minute to say, "Hello". Then back to his cage and the windows.

Baby Boid is not interested in escaping. Not so far, anyway. His world inside MsTioga is thrilling for him. How do I know? Well, just look at how he is excited about every single minute!

A parakeet is a wonderful friend! Boid is actually a budgie, and his ancestors came from Australia.

Did you know that Boid likes to eat fruit? Every time that I eat some fruit, Boid flies over to share. Sometimes Boid just makes a mess of the fruit, preferring to tear it up and throw pieces all around! Boid loves my morning cereal. Eats the cereal right from my hand!
Baby Boid and George.

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