Monday, September 08, 2008

Border Patrol is on-the-take?
Yesterday evening I had a great conversation with Juan & Cristobal who live in the little town of San Sebastián where I am Nite Camped. I was curious about their experiences illegally crossing the border.

Me: "Where did you cross the border?"

Juan: "In Arizona"

Cristobal: "Me also in Arizona."

Me: "Did you walk across the border?"

Cristobal: "Yes."

Me: "Was that in the desert? Was it night time?"

Juan & Cristobal: "Yes, in the desert at night."

Me: "Did you walk very far?"

Juan & Cristobal: "No. The coyote came with a truck and drove to Phoenix."

Me: "Was it dangerous? Did the Border Patrol come in trucks with bright lights looking for you?

Juan & Cristobal: "No. The coyote paid the Border guys money to leave us alone."

Me: "What?! The Border Patrol gets paid by the coyote? How much do they pay?"

Juan: "Yes, they pay them. Not too much money."

Note: I have no knowledge about the Border Patrol. The conversation above is only what these two guys told me.

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