Thursday, September 18, 2008

Breakfast with a neighbor.
This morning I am going to breakfast with my neighbor. We met yesterday afternoon while I was doing a bit of maintenance on MsTioga. I have to confess that I do not even know his name! Somehow, we just started a conversation which lasted over an hour, and never exchanged names.

He owns a veterinary supplies store, and raises sheep. The kind of sheep that looks like goats. Little Mavicito took a pic of him and some of his goats.
My neighbor & his goats.

My friend Felipe.
My neighbor who is now also my friend is Felipe. He arrived at MsTioga's to pick me up for breakfast at a bit past 9AM. But on the way, Felipe, his son Victor and I went to their nearby corral to load ten sheep into a trailer. The sheep are going to be sold to a neighbor. The neighbor will fatten the sheep up on corn, then transport them to the USA to be sold.

After delivering the sheep, Felipe and I went to a very nice but reasonably priced restaurant off the plaza at the center of town. During breakfast I learned that Felipe's son Victor is a veterinarian, and together they run this multi-faceted business that includes everything from raising and selling sheep to renting generators and toilets for fiestas. Very enterprising guys!

Visiting with family in California.
For some weeks I've been wanting to visit again with my family in California. In past years I've always returned to California during September in order to be there during birthday time for my sons. However, there did not seem to be anyway to provide safety for MsTioga and somebody to take care of Little Boid.

Somehow I met Felipe and his son Victor. They live in a safe place, and have offered for MsTioga to stay in one of their corrals [yards]. Victor is a veterinarian, and has offered to look in on Little Boid to change his seeds and water.

I have written to you about coincidences before. Is meeting Felipe and his son Victor a coincidence? Merely something that happened by mere chance?

Or, is it something else? Hmmmmm?


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