Sunday, September 07, 2008

Family around the corner.
Yesterday evening I went for a walk in the neighborhood near our Nite Camp. While walking, a neighbor kid came up and asked if I needed help finding anything. When I came back near MsTioga, a family was sitting outside on their porch and I sat down to talk with them.

"I sent my grandson to see if you needed help", a woman family member told me. [Isn't that the nicest thing for her to do!]

I talked with the family for over an hour. As we talked, neighbors passed by and were always greeted with a "Buenos noches" [Good evening]. We talked about them visiting and working in the USA. This is always a favorite topic of Mexican people with me, because I am an American.

One of the family, a man who appeared to be in his 30s, talked about going to East Los Angeles to work. He used a "Coyote" [people smuggler] to cross the border because he has no passport. "Costs $2,000US to hire a coyote", he told me. The coyote provides a green card which allows crossing the border and working in the USA. Of course it is not a legal green card. If the green card is determined to be fake by the Border Patrol, the person holding the card is arrested. He loses his money.

The family laughed when I asked, "Does the coyote return the money in that case?"

I wonder what it's like to have a Border Patrol job?

5PM - Pueblo of San Sebastián.

The Team has not gone too far on our journey today. However, I am getting sleepy and started looking for our Nite Camp. We came to the Pueblo of San Sebastián, and drove to one end of the town. There we found a small road. A man who lives there showed us where to make our Nite Camp!

Wherever La Señorita and Jorge go in Mexico, we attract attention. We like that! As you have seen before here in Mexico, the people in this neighborhood live a lot in the street. Visiting and playing and having a good time.
The people of the neighborhood.

Kids playing cards-gambling too!

Inside MsTioga.

Kids with MsTioga & Jorge.

A difference in values.
Reader Snowbird_Illinois made a post in ShoutBox which is very interesting. I would like to expand and give my perspective. Snowbird_Illinois commented about my Mexican neighbor who was described in my first post today:

Snowbird_Illinois wrote:
"George, that is unbelievable, the guy traveled over 900 miles and paid $2,000 to get a poor paying job in the USA. With that kind of drive what is holding things back in Mexico? Mexico is a rich country in terms of natural resources and climate."

You may have already picked up from my blog writing, but Mexican people seem to have a difference in values compared to people who live in the United States. The major value in Mexico seems to be tranquility. The major value in the United States appears to be possessions.

Of course this is only my opinion, based on my own experiences. And, I cannot explain why this man would pay a coyote $2,000US in order to gain entrance to and work in the USA.


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