Friday, September 19, 2008

This afternoon we will catch a Mexicana Airlines flight out of Mexico. Our trip has two legs.

First we fly to Los Angeles. After a layover of a few hours, we catch a United Express flight to Oakland, California. We will meet with my son David in Oakland and ride to our home base in Concord on the Bay Area Rapid Transit.

What an exciting day this is!

The main reasons for this trip are twofold. It is birthday time in our family now, and I've always made it my business to be in Concord during September. Also, there are some major exciting changes going on in the family. I may be able to share these with you later on.

MsTioga and Little Boid.
Plans have been made to park MsTioga in a fenced yard close to Victor's Veterinary store. MsTioga should be safe there. This yard is the property of Felipe.

Little Boid will be cared for by Victor, the son of Felipe and a veterinarian. For now, the plan is that Boid will remain inside MsTioga while I am gone on this trip. Most likely, Boid will also stay in his cage. That way he will be less likely to find trouble. Boid gets disoriented and perhaps afraid when the Sun goes down if he is not inside his cage.

9PM - We are in Concord, California!

Guess where we are? Little Mavicito, Ms. Viola and George are at son David's home in Concord, California. It is really something to be deep in the center of Mexico, and then only a few hours later here at our home base in California.

We had a great trip. Blows us away!
El Centro of the City of Los Angeles.
Just before landing.


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