Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Is RVing in Mexico dangerous?
You may have noticed that the TiogaRV Team has traveled thru some places in Mexico where later on there have been some drug related murders. The Town of Creel in the Copper Canyon area of the State of Chihuahua is one of those places. So is Merida on the Yucatan Peninsula. And Culiacan in the northwestern State of Sinaloa.

However, we on The Team have not been affected by such things as drug murders. Would it not be a terrible thing to run scared from such stuff? We are now heading toward the City and State of Aguascalientes. Is there drug crime there. Probably. SeƱorita Tioga and The Team are going anyway.

We do not feel that RVing in Mexico is dangerous.

9AM - Middle class Guadalajara neighborhood.
Little Mavicito thought that you would be interested in a pic of the neighborhood of our Nite Camp. These are all single family homes on this block. Look at the unusual roof lines with the turrets.
Our neighbor's homes in eastern Guadalajara.

1PM - El Refugio, Jalisco.
We have arrived in the Town of El Refugio in the State of Jalisco. We need some fruit. A lady from a restaurant told of the fruit and vegetable store on the corner in the plaza.

We had planned on making a Nite Camp here. On returning from the fruit stand, we noticed the traffic sound from the highway. So, we moved away from the highway to our Nite Camp. Then we made lunch! Two fried BBQ chicken tacos with cheese and onions and refried beans and a side of baby carrots.
SeƱiorita Tioga and The Team in El Refugio.

Visiting with neighbors.
During the early evening, while it was still light outside, I visited with my neighbors. In Mexico as you may know, people spend a lot of time in the evening chatting in the street.

I chatted with a group of ladies about life here in the pueblo and about their relatives living in the USA. A boy came by selling churros [fried sugar coated dough]. I bought a bag and shared them with the ladies. A lady shared some limes she grew with me.

A bunch of kids were playing near the corner and I talked a lot with them. They introduced me to Carlos, who spoke English pretty good. Little Mavicito took a pic of some of these kids standing with Carlos.
Some of the kids with Carlos and myself.


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