Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Little Boid is not allowed into the United States.
Did you know that our Little Boid is not allowed into the United States at this time? It is true. We have read the rules and regulations over and over again. And Little Boid cannot enter the USA now.

You may read the U.S. Dept. of Algriculture rules and regulations [here] which cover Little Boid.

The 30-day quarantine requirement is not a stopper for us on The Team. We are able to do all the forms and stuff including the 30-day quarantine. Boid and I do not like being apart for 30-days, but we can do it. We are tough guys.

What is a stopper is that I am also required to have continuously lived outside the USA for at least one year. I last left the United States when I returned to Mexico on June 30th, 2008. I do not see anyway around this requirement because I will continue to return to the USA at least once each year in order to visit my family.

Why would there be such a requirement as this? I just cannot comprehend! Anyway, what this means is that Little Boid, MsTioga and most of The Team are "locked out of the United States forever."
Little Boid, not allowed in the USA!

Diugo and RodI in ShoutBox.

Two posts in ShoutBox, from Diugo and RodI, tell that Little Boid may actually enter the United States, without the problems that I wrote about above in my first post.

That is such good news to read. I had been concerned and disturbed about this dilemma for months!

I'd like to make sure with our government agencies that control such things as Boid crossing the border. Would you be able to phone them, and find out for sure what is necessary for Boid to cross the USA border?

Thank you sooooooo much!

Note: I am a very lucky guy to have you reading my blog. Because of that, I receive valuable help. I am very grateful.

4PM - A story to share.
MsTioga and The Team have just returned from an interesting adventure, and we all would like to share it with you! In this story, you may detect what appears to be a series of coincidences.

This afternoon we went to pickup the laundry that we had left for washing yesterday. After picking up the laundry, we were thinking about heading out of Zacatecas. However, as we went to make a turn, the turn signals were not working. The flasher was just on, not flashing. Upon checking, we found the right turn signal light was not making contact, so it was cleaned and replaced. The flasher still would not work. We checked the fuse for the flasher, and the fuse was OK. Everything pointed to the flasher switch itself.

We drove into Zacatecas looking for an electric mechanic. Remember, today is Mexico's Independence Day, so we are being very optimistic. However, we find an electric mechanic who is open. His name is Roberto.

Roberto checks our flasher, and mysteriously the flasher begins to work. However, Roberto notices that the flasher is not working correctly, and is much too warm. A new flasher is bought, and we are about drive away.

That was when our starter began to mess up. Would you believe? The starter goes bad right in front of the shop of Roberto, an auto electric mechanic!

Roberto believes that the problem is twofold. The starter is tired and should be replaced. Also, the contact which sends power to the large Bendix switch is dirty and is not passing electric current. Roberto removes the starter, cleans the contact and tests the starter which now works.
Roberto suggests that the starter will only work for a little while, and that we need to return in the morning to get a rebuilt starter installed. That is exactly what we shall do.

Did you notice all the sequences that will lead to a rebuilt starter tomorrow? MsTioga commented, "If my starter had failed far away from a town? Far away from an auto electric mechanic? What then?"
Roberto the auto-electric mechanic.


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