Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My friend Paul Gouveia and the Veterans Monument.
I first met my friend Paul shortly after the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II. That was when I got interested in restoring the Veterans Monument in Pleasant Hill, California. It seemed to me then, that citizens were forgetting why these wars were fought. And I wanted to do something to preserve the memories.

Separately at first, and then together, Paul and I worked to get things in motion to restore the monument. This morning we went to breakfast together to talk about those times, and share our friendship.
Veterans Monument
in Pleasant Hill.

Memorial restoration plaque.

Paul Gouveia.

Do you love to pay your bills?
I sure do! It gives me a real kick to pay my bills. A sense of accomplishment, and pride. Today I mailed away my 2007 tax returns and payment.

It was necessary to file for an extension for my 2007 tax returns because I was running around in Mexico and did not have an easy way to get tax stuff to my tax preparer. Then when my computer got stolen in Jerusalem, that put a crimp printing out the tax stuff until I got back to Mexico again.

Today, I signed my federal and state returns and mailed them together with my payment to the government. Love that!
Mailing my tax returns.