Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tioga and George are back!
Everybody on The Team hopes that you did not worry about us!

We have been unable to go online since Tuesday evening [Sept 9th]. Our Mr. Datastorm likely ran into HughesNet problems. HughesNet is the company that provides our satellite based communications with you.

For those of you who are technical, it started with a TX22 [The transmitter is disabled because a transmit pointing test cannot be performed] which continued thru to Wednesday afternoon. Then TX21 began [The transmitter is disabled because a transmit pointing test failed].

As you who have Datastorm systems may know, these things can be really frustrating to resolve. Especially here in Mexico. However, there is no other way to get online in Mexico that we on The Team know about. Except perhaps internet cafes.

We have re-registered our modem now, and everything seems back to normal.

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7:30PM - Town of Cosío.
I really love the tradition in Mexico for families to spend evenings sitting in front of their homes. This evening I took a walk around Cosío. Got a haircut. Did some shopping. And when I arrived back with MsTioga, visited with the Valasquez family who are my neighbors.

I had a very nice conversation with this family. They all walked over to take a peek at Boid who was playing in the rear window.
My neighbors, the Valazquez family in Cosío.


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