Monday, September 22, 2008

A ton of things to do!
While at our home base in Concord, we have a ton of things to do:
  • File 2007 federal tax return.
  • Buy backup trunnion nuts for leveling jacks.
  • Buy Big Foot leveler to replace destroyed scissors jack.
  • Buy replacement XM Radio.
  • Figure out how to ship leveler jack and trunnion nuts to Mexico.
  • Buy backup inverter for MsTioga.
Shipping stuff to Mexico is very important to figure out. I cannot be lugging big stuff like a heavy leveling jack on to an airplane, taxi, etc. Much better to order things and arrange for their shipment. That way I may pick up the shipment at a prearranged city in Mexico.

Using son David's car for errands.
This morning we will be borrowing son David's car to do errands. David takes Bay Area Rapid Transit to work.

3PM - Got a lot done!
We are now back at son David's home and anxious to share with you all that has been done today. First we phoned the tax guy's office and asked to pick up the tax return. We were told to come by in an hour, and the return would be ready.

Wow! Things are starting off great!

Then we went over to nearby Fry's Electronics. Immediately we found an extension cable with a 3.5mm mini plug. This is something that we had been looking for all over Mexico without success. Second thing found was a 1000 watt continuous output inverter. This will be the backup inverter in the list above.

When we went to look for the replacement XM Radio, the department manager in Fry's asked if we could return to talk to the people coming in at noon. So, we went out for lunch at our favorite Chinese buffet place.
Chinese buffet is soooooo good!

Back at Fry's Electronics after lunch, we bought an XM Radio XpressEZ. The support department at XM Radio changed over this new XM receiver and removed the old one that went bad on us.
Showing off the stuff we got today.


No map links at our homebase.