Friday, September 05, 2008

The World of Boid.

Boid and George.
Every morning Boid and I do some stuff together, but mostly, we are doing are own things. I am usually up early on the computer doing internet stuff. Boid sleeps in, perched on the ring/swing in his cage. The cage is covered with a pillowcase to give Boid privacy while sleeping.

Sometime after dawn, I go over to Boid's cage and remove the pillowcase cover. Boid stretches his wings, and we have a little talk. Then I go back to my computer. Soon Boid is either at the window chirping, or he flies over to me landing on my head. This "landing head" thing is how Boid tells me he wants something. Could be he wants to eat seeds from my hand. Or, that he wants the window shade pulled up so that he may look outside. Sometimes he just wants to be friendly, and he shows that by walking on my head. Not for long though, because having a bird walking on my head is distracting!

George and The US Constitution.
You may have noticed that I have been going around and around with myself with the US Constitution. But before I get into that, I'd like to share with you how I feel about political things on the Tioga-George Blog.

This Blog is my main webpage. Things that go on in my life get published here. That's a given. However, I've found that it is better for me if political stuff is expanded elsewhere, NOT here on my blog. I write "better for me", it's because I feel more comfortable about expressing my political views in my Message Board/Forum. In the Message Board, readers may share their views, with me or against me. And, the forum provides a format that is designed for such discussion. My Blog is a place for telling about my life and my travels, not political stuff.

Some readers have emailed or suggested in ShoutBox that I don't write political stuff here on Tioga-George Blog because of financial considerations. That is baloney! I just don't like the controversy generated in ShoutBox. It's aggravating and messy to read tons of ShoutBox posts where some readers feel compulsion to give their opposing views [and do so with several successive posts].

Now, back to me and the US Constitution.
My attention got directed toward our US Constitution after reading in the news about searches of laptop computers by Border Patrol and Customs Service. After I wrote about that in my Tioga-George Blog post of August 21st, I was a bit bummed out about it. On that day I wrote a post titled, "Afraid to Cross the US Border". Click [here] to read that post.

I wish that I were able to figure stuff like this out first instead of stumbling around in confusion. But I am one of those that learns by making mistakes. That's me! A few days later I posted in my blog, "My apology to you". Click here to read that post.

Lately, I've been up at nite reading my copy of our US Constitution and doing research on the net about our Constitution. I find that I love this stuff! I am sooooooo lucky to be living in fascinating times during which there is a HUGE battle going on between the 'people and states' of our country on one side and the 'federal government' on the other side.

What? You don't know about that HUGE battle? Well, I am going to soon publish a "separate" web page or blog about that!

One more comment!
I am such a lucky guy to be able to wander around being a vagabond and living this free life. I am hooked up to the internet with its vast resources and able to share my life with you.

It just blows me away how lucky I am!

3PM - Mr. Levelers has another broken jack!

We had made a Camp for the nite in farm country. When Mr. Levelers went to level out La SeƱorita, strange noises began coming from his front-right jack! When we tried to get the jack to retract, it wouldn't!!

Mr. Levelers has two under-engineered parts. One is the acme-threaded rod which drives the jack, and the other is the bronze jack nut. Inspection of the jack from underneath MsTioga showed the threaded rod to be OK. The problem must be the bronze jack nut. Hmmmmm?

The entire leveling jack must be removed in order to do repairs.

4:30PM - Leveling jack is now inside MsTioga.
In order to get clearance to work on the broken leveler, we used a 12-ton bottle jack to lift MsTioga's front end up. Since it looks as though we will definitely be Nite Camped here, MsTioga was leveled out using the rear-right jack in addition to the bottle jack.

Then the bolts securing the broken leveler were removed. We have tools on board MsTioga to do just about anything, so this removal is no problem. The jack was hooked up to 12 volts DC and operated. The problem definitely is a stripped bronze jack nut. Fortunately, we have a spare jack nut on board MsTioga. Wish we had a couple more spare bronze jack nuts now!
Boid & George look at Mr. Levelers' busted jack.

View out MsTioga's rear window at 7:45pm.


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