Monday, October 06, 2008

10AM - Camped in the Town of El Chique.
MsTioga and The Team have traveled 30 miles south this morning. We are watching our daily miles traveled closely now in order to reduce expenses. Our goal is to make additions to our savings each month.

El Chique is a small town one kilometer west of Mexico Hwy #54. Our Camp is near the center of town next to a good sized concrete plaza. We went shopping for a few groceries, and asked the grocer what he thought of us making our Camp here. "No problema", he answered!
Jorge & MsTioga in El Chique.

Luis Ramirez and his store.
For about three hours this afternoon, I visited with Luis Ramirez who owns a grocery store adjacent to the town plaza. Luis is a very pleasant man and loves to chat [as do I]. Luis has family who live in Colton, California and he visited with them last August. We talked about a zillion things.

One of the things that I found most interesting while chatting, was that there is very little work to be found in El Chique. Many people here are dependent on family members going to the USA and sending money back to them.

I asked Luis if there was a restaurant in town that serves fish. He recommended one located at La Presa El Chique [El Chique Dam].
Luis Ramirez in front of his store.

Paraiso Escondido.
The restaurant that Luis recommended is "Paraiso Escondido" [Hidden Paradise]. The restaurant is owned by the Carrera Muñoz family. They also rent the restaurant out for special events and rent motor boats for use on the lake.

I met the son of the owner and his son. We had a very long conversation about life here in Mexico, compared to the USA. The son who is 15 years old, is coming over this evening to find out about getting a USA passport [he was born in Texas].
Just about to eat my fish dinner.

All this for $5US.


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