Sunday, October 05, 2008

10AM - Visiting Aztec ruins of Chicomostoc.
We drove to the entrance gate at 8am and found that Chicomostoc does not open until 10am. So, we went back to our Nite Camp site a 1/4 mile west. At 10am we returned and learned that visitors over 60 years old get free admission!
First view of Aztec ruins
from parking lot.

1PM - Back from the ruins.
Little Mavicito and I know why this place was chosen for a ceremonial site. It is way up on La Quemada hill with a view down the valley for maybe a hundred miles. And there is a nice river below to get water for growing things.

Column Room.

Top of La Quemada hill.

6PM - City of Villanueva.

After eating supper in an inexpensive fish restaurant, MsTioga and The Team found a Nite Camp in a quiet neighborhood of Villanueva. Our new neighbors are out sitting around and chatting in the street, and we plan to go over and introduce ourselves!
Villanueva Nite Camp.

Baby Boid wanted to go with us on our walk. We met and chatted with two families. The kids went wild over Boid.
Kids with Baby Boid.


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