Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1950s comes to call.
Around 1956 I bought a tape recorder. In those days tape recorders were much different than now. They were big reel to reel jobs. I recorded many things. My Mom playing the piano. My Dad playing his flute. Phone conversations with my friends. Stuff like that.

Over the passing years these tapes were stored away. The old tape recorder ceased to be and there was no way to play these old tapes. My son Joe studied sound and music engineering in college. I asked him to see if what was on these tapes could be recovered so to play them on a computer. And Joe did it!

I put the sounds from those tapes on my old computer. That was before the days of Tioga and George. When that computer broke down, the hard drives were stored away.

A few months ago on my trip to California I bought an adapter to access these hard drives. This morning the adapter was hooked up and I was able to listen to voices from the 1950s. Photos of people long gone are great. But the voices of loved ones who are no longer here, is just fantastic. The tears flowed this morning!

Few cash registers.
This afternoon MsTioga moved near El Centro so that we could do some grocery shopping. Often when we go into stores and restaurants, it is noticed that the cashier keeps a written accounting of the amount of each sale.

Today when asked why this accounting is kept, the cashier replied; "So that El Patron will know how much business we did today."

This is very different than in the USA, don't you think?


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