Saturday, October 04, 2008

2PM - Heading to Chicomostoc.
Now we are heading out to the Aztec ruins of Chicomostoc. Little Mavicito believes that this is our first visit to Aztec ruins. We will not actually visit Chicomostoc today because it is late in the afternoon, but will go tomorrow.

During the morning we spent quite a bit of time talking to our friends Felipe, Victor and Edgar. You may recall that MsTioga made her Camp inside of father Felipe's corral during our trip to California. And Little Boid was cared for by son Victor, who is a veterinarian.
Victor, Felipe, Jorge, Edgar
and Corbata the horse.

4PM - Camped on the road to Chicomostoc.
The Team had planned on spending the nite in the Town of La Quemada, south of the ruins of Chicomostoc and returning north in the morning. However, when we reached the Chicomostoc road it appeared very quiet. MsTioga headed a mile or so east on this road and found a nice Nite Camp site and decided to stay here.
Chicomostoc Nite Camp.

Boondocking safely.
You may be wondering if MsTioga and The Team are safe in this boondock Nite Camp out in the wilds of Mexico. We on The Team use judgment when selecting sites. We consider how the place feels to us, proximity to highway and visibility. After a Camp is selected, if things change, we have no problem in breaking our Camp and moving.

The road that you see in the pic above is a side road. It is perhaps a mile east of the highway to Guadalajara. MsTioga is not visible from the highway.

There may be a problem found in any place that we make Camp. We know about risk, and are willing to take it. We do not want to be running scared and worrying about stuff like this.

Fuzzy pic.
Florida Mike wrote in a ShoutBox post that he suspected grease on Little Mavicito's lens. I noticed the fuzzy pic too. I have had fuzzy pics before and attempted to clean the lens myself. This resulted in destroying the camera.

I will never attempt to clean a camera lens myself again. It is not possible for me to be able to see what the problem is with the lens. When I arrive in Guadalajara, I'll look for a camera shop that will attend to this problem for me.

Chicomostoc at 5pm.

Chicomostoc desert at 7pm.


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