Tuesday, October 07, 2008

6:30AM - El MERCADO!
It is still dark. Dawn will not come for an hour. Trucks are arriving at the plaza of El Chique. It is the day of El Mercado [The Market].

We watch dozens of people unload steel poles, and drop them in place. It is clear that these people have done this job of setting up their Mercado stalls many times. Some stalls go up high and are covered with cloth roofs. Other stalls attach ropes to light poles in order to create something to hang their cloth roofs.

Soon there are tables all over the plaza. Boxes filled with goods to be sold are unloaded from trucks. In front of MsTioga, shoes are laid out on display. All sorts of things will be available for sale today at El Mercado.

7:30AM - Dawn is breaking.
Little Mavicito and I watch as El Mercado takes shape. It is marvelous how the stalls form streets within El Mercado for customers to browse and shop. We are anxious to go out there and walk El Mercado. But I am still in my pajamas! I must dress and go out and take some pics!

9AM - Back from El Mercado.
We went over to talk to Luis who you met yesterday at his grocery store in the plaza. Luis told us that El Mercado only comes once every two months. So, we are very lucky to be here to see El Mercado today. This is a traveling market and they move together to sell in cities and towns all over the State of Zacatecas. They work five days each week.

Mostly clothes are sold from these stalls in El Mercado. Also odds and ends. Clocks, electronic things, dolls, etc.

Ropes attached to tree
to secure cloth roofs.

Free electricity.
It is very interesting for me to see the differences between life here in Mexico and the USA. I feel that you are interested in these differences too.

While strolling around El Mercado, I found two electric cables running along the ground. Curious, I followed these cables and learned that they are connected up to the overhead electric lines. I asked the man who owns the nearest stall how they got the connecting lines up there. He told me that they use long tubes to reach up to the overhead cables.

"Doesn't the municipal government mind if you take the electricity?", I asked. "They don't say anything", he told me.
Taking electric power
for El Mercado.

Life is free here in Mexico.
You may have judgments about doing things like taking electric power without permission. Surely it is against the law, you may be thinking. And you would be correct. However, if you have been following my blog while I'm in Mexico, you may know that there is very little interference from neighbors or government in the lives of citizens here. It is a live and let-live culture in Mexico.

3PM - Town of Tabasco.
Being the vagabonders-supreme that we are, we headed down the road. The Team is now in the Town of Tabasco. MsTioga wended her way thru the narrow streets of Tabasco. There was no place good to make Camp. So, we climbed the hill east of town. The view was very beautiful, but too steep to Camp.

On our way out of Tabasco we came to a hill with a large white cross. The hill overlooks Tabasco from the northeast of the town. That is where we made our Camp!
View of Tabasco from our Camp.


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