Saturday, October 11, 2008

7:15AM - View from Camp.
Our Nite Camp yesterday was on a hill looking east over the Town of Jalpa. This morning Little Mavicito wants to share with you the dawn view from MsTioga's rear window. The building with the lights is the steeple of a church.
Dawn view of Jalpa.

8AM - Moved into town.
Our Nite Camp was in a residential neighborhood near the outskirts of Jalpa. In order to be good neighbors, we have changed our Camp and moved closer to the center of town. We need to buy some milk and vegetables, so we all have our eyes open for a store.

On the way Little Mavicito spotted a sign which he thought was sooooooo funny. Garages in Mexico usually have a sign asking drivers not to park. This sign had some humor.
"We blow out your tires for free."

Is life hard or easy?
Little Mavicito and I went for an afternoon walk to the plaza. The plaza has a beautiful lawn and many very green ficus and palm trees. Looking at the pic below, you might believe Jalpa to be a well off town.
The plaza in Jalpa.

Ice Cream.
People were eating ice cream in the park and that got us thinking about that too. We walked down to the shop a block away to buy some ice cream. There were many flavors, and after a sample taster, a medium cup of vanilla-carmel was purchased. The cost, 45 cents [US].

While paying the cashier I asked if life here was hard or easy? "Hard", she replied. I asked a young man sitting at a table. "I cannot say", he said. We consider that a "Hard" reply.

We walked along the sidewalk heading back to MsTioga. There was a grocer standing in his doorway. "Hard" he replied to our question. "Business is slow because people here cannot find a lot of work. Money sent back from family working on the other side is much less now. "

Easy life for MsTioga and The Team.

Life is easy for us on The Team. The 45 cent ice cream bought here would be 3x that much at our home base in Concord, California. I am guessing that the two leveler brackets bought here yesterday in Jalpa for $25US would cost $300US installed back in the USA.


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