Thursday, October 09, 2008

7:30AM - Balconeria opens early.
In Mexico they call a shop that makes doors, windows and railings for a house balcony a balconeria. This shop is "Baconeria Jalpa CotizaciĆ³n." The manager is Adolfo and his son is David.

When I walked into the shop this morning, Adolfo had already cut up all the parts for the leveler brackets. He cut the parts out of 3/8" hot rolled steel. Then Adolfo welded the parts into a weldment, according to my design.

After the brackets were welded up, I realized that I had not taken any pics! Quickly I ran back to MsTioga to get Little Mavicito. So, we missed pics of the cutting and welding operations.

9:30AM - Brackets are looking good!
There was a small re-design in the location of the holes so that MsTioga's frame did not interfere with bolts that secure the jacks. In the pic below, Adofo watches as son David drills holes in the brackets.
Drilling the holes.

David and Adolfo with the new brackets.

10:30AM - Welding brackets to MsTioga's frame.

When it was time to weld the brackets to the frame, I had to get underneath MsTioga to make sure of proper placement. I love to do stuff like this!
Welding brackets to frame.

12:30PM - Attaching levelers.

Would you believe that attaching the levelers to the new brackets is much easier than when they were bolted directly to the frame? I had no problem bolting the levelers to the new brackets.
New bracket with leveler attached.

Cost of the brackets.
The total cost for the two leveler brackets including installation is $250 pesos [$25US].

I love Mexico!

Mexican Peso is falling!
This evening I went walking and browsing along the boulevard at the bottom of the hill. There were several banks with signs selling Mexican pesos in the range of 12 pesos for the dollar.

Just a few weeks ago, the Mexican peso was trading in the 10 peso for the dollar range. With the dollar falling against most currencies, it is really something to see the Mexican peso falling against the dollar!

I wonder what that means for the economy here in Mexico?


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