Thursday, October 02, 2008

7PM - Our trip back to Mexico.
Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley drove us to the Santa Barbara Airbus Stop in the City of Santa Barbara yesterday [Wednesday evening]. This is where our trip began. The bus showed up right on schedule. After hugs and goodbyes to Seymour and Shirley, the bus drove off to Los Angeles International Airport [LAX].

When we arrived at LAX a luggage cart was found close by. We needed this cart in order to move the two large boxes that contain the leveling jack and pieces of equipment that we are taking back to Mexico.

11PM - Mexicana Airlines.
After sitting and waiting near the Mexicana counter for a few hours, we got in line and checked in. The two large boxes were weighed and put into checked baggage.

Our airplane to Zacatecas Airport took off at 1:30AM, right on time. Luckily, no other passengers were assigned the seats in my row and I was able to stretch out and sleep. I woke up at 6AM [CDT] just as the airplane was approaching the airport!

7AM - Going thru customs and our taxi ride.
It was necessary to pay $115US customs duty on the equipment that was brought back. This was expected, and did not seem to be too much.

After customs, all of the baggage was loaded into a taxi and we zipped back to the City of Jerez.

9AM - MsTioga and Boid.
Of course we were very anxious to learn how MsTioga and Boid had gotten along during the twelve day trip to California. MsTioga started right up! And we found Boid chirping away at the window.

Wow! What a great ending to our wonderful trip.
Boid talking to Jorge.


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