Sunday, October 12, 2008

8:30AM - Exploring and stuff.
MsTioga does not like for water to be on her roof. Last nite it rained a bit. So, we decided to explore the road south out of Jalpa and let the water on the roof fly off.

We have been staying in Jalpa because it is a nice town. The Team has decided to live only on our Social Security income and save the rest. Staying in one town reduces gasoline consumption, our biggest expense. Also, Jalpa is at just about the right altitude for comfortable temperature at this time of year.

MsTioga needs her water tank filled and we most always do that filling at a Pemex gas station. We asked a station attendant if they have a "llave de agua" [hose bibb] and he showed where it is located.
Filling up our water tank at Pemex.

PS: The price of Magna-sin [Pemex regular] is 7.47/liter.

Guess whose running for president?


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