Friday, October 17, 2008

8AM - Mario builds his house.
This morning as Boid was eating his breakfast seeds from my hand, I saw a man working down in the river bed. He was sifting river gravel.

After Boid's breakfast, Little Mavicito and I walked down to say, "Good morning." This man's name is Mario. He is a quiet man. Speaking to us in a very low voice, he told about building his home. The sand that he collects is expensive, so he comes here to separate the sand from the gravel. The sand will be used to manufacture concrete.

The sand is hauled up out of the river bed in buckets. Then using a wheelbarrow, the sand is moved to his nearby property. Sometimes Mario's brother lets him use his pickup truck to carry the sand. Mario will work here in the river bed until 3pm. Then move the sand to his property. We will follow along during the sand moving.

Mario has a paying job cutting guayaba on a ranch on the other side of the highway. There is no work now.
Mining sand to make concrete.

Sifting sand.

A pile of sand waiting to be moved.

11AM - Mario got a job.
Mario knocked on MsTioga's door to tell us that he received an offer to work. He would not return here for a few days.

2PM - Other men come for sand.
Two guys in a red pickup truck arrive and began hauling the sand up from the river bed. Little Mavicito took a few pics.

I was going to ask them questions about the sand, but they drove off.
Two guys come for sand.

Bucket by bucket.

4PM - Have you eaten Guayaba ice cream?
Mr. Trek volunteered to take Little Mavicito and I around the pueblo. We sat in the park plaza for awhile, just watching people. A little cart came by and began selling yellow colored cups of ice cream. People flocked to buy this ice cream. Soon, everybody around me was eating this stuff.

I decided to buy a cup, but when I went to the cart, he was selling the very last cup! Then, as the ice cream man was preparing to leave, he began scraping the bottom of the ice cream cans and handed me a half cup for free. Wow!

It is guayaba ice cream with guayaba fruit on top along with guayaba syrup. It is sooooooo good, you would not believe!


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