Friday, October 10, 2008

8AM - The River & The Laundry.
This morning on Google Earth, we spotted what appeared to be a nice Camp next to a river. This Camp is located straight down the road that we have been camping on for the past two days. We have clothes to wash and our neighbors told us that there is a laundry a few blocks away.

The plan was to drop off the laundry and stay down near the river. However, the road on Google Earth's view is deceptive. The actual road got very narrow. Also, we were unable to find the laundry.

Upon reaching the river, there was no place to Camp. Only a one-lane dirt road! Hmmmmm?

9:30AM - Laundry Camped.

Leaving the river, MsTioga made her way to the northeast part of the Town of Jalpa. As we went along, we asked for directions to another laundry. MsTioga is now parked next to a vacant lot. Just around the corner is the laundry which opens at 10am.

Stay in today!
You cannot know what will happen in the future. Somehow, whatever problems that you are going thru now, will work themselves out. So, for now, stay in today. Enjoy this day. Value the things that you have.

Have faith in yourself and your future!
Boid & Jorge.


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