Tuesday, October 21, 2008

8AM - We like small towns best.
It seems that we on the TiogaRV Team like small towns best. Of course there are good things about large towns too. For example, big stores for shopping! We shopped at a Soriana Store that we found along the Periferico [perifery road] as we headed west out of Guadalajara.

When we came to Mex Hwy #15, we headed west toward Tepic. We came to a bunch of pollo asado stores. The wonderful fragrance of pollo asado was overwhelming! And, we bought another pollo asado. What can we say? We are loco for pollo asado!

11AM - Camped next to a cane field.

MsTioga has traveled far over the past two days. We are slowing down. We have made a Day Camp next to a sugar cane field.

4PM - Santa Cruz del Astillero.
Our Day Camp was on a road with a lot of traffic. We spotted on Google Earth a few small towns a bit north and have made our Nite Camp in one of them. It is the Town of Santa Cruz del Astillero. There is a small stream flowing next to our Camp.

We are close to the free road to Tepic. As you may know, we like free roads because they pass thru many small towns which we would miss if we took the toll road.
Sharing our Nite Camp with a white horse.


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