Friday, October 03, 2008

Installing things.
Yesterday afternoon the PowerPlus Leveling Jack that was brought back on our return flight to Mexico was installed. Also installed, was the replacement XM Radio and this allowed the listening to the debate between the Vice Presidential candidates.

Updating our web pages.
This morning Ms. Viola and I worked to update our Trip Plan and Budget Info pages.
As you may know, our Trip Plan is a major link on our Home Page. The Budgjet Info is found in the "Behind The Scenes" section off our Home Page.

Our airplane trip expense and equipment purchases caused our budget to take a big hit in September. Especially costly was the replacement leveling jack which cost about $1,000US.

Fulltiming in Mexico.
A few readers have emailed wondering why I am fulltiming in Mexico now. The answer is, that I'm adjusting to the economics of my life.

It is much less expensive for me to live here in the Country of Mexico. Because of the cultural environment of Mexico, I am able to make Camps almost everywhere that I wish. This is VERY important, because I do not have to travel far to find my Nite Camp.

My advertisement income has gone down by about 1/2 of its average over past years. This is due to changes in the payment rate for ads by Google AdSense, as they explained to me in an email. As a result of these economic realities of my life, it seems prudent to live here in Mexico.

1. Cultural Environment. In my post above I mentioned "Cultural Environment." What I mean is that it is very rare for Mexican people to call the police on me because I am Camped in their neighborhood. In contrast, it is very common for American people to call the police on me.

As a result, in the USA I am very careful about my Camp locations often driving extra distance to find my Camps.

2. AdSense Ads. I am writing about my Google AdSense income in the post above. This is NOT a veiled request for you to click on ads for my benefit. If you are interested in the subject of the ad and wish to know more, clicking is fine. However, to click only for my benefit means that the advertiser who pays for the ad is penalized. I do not want to penalize advertisers whose ads appear on my webpages.


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