Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is it odd to live solo?
As I am traveling here in Mexico, I meet tons of people. There is one question that EVERYBODY asks me.

"Are you alone?"

In order to avoid the odd looks and further wondering questions, I've made up a story which goes:

"My wife doesn't like to travel in Mexico. She is afraid of living here in an RV. So we live separate, and I live in Mexico."

Sometimes I follow up my fictional wife story with,

"But I do have a good friend traveling with me. He is a bird, a parakeet. His name is Boid. Would you like to meet him?"

This fictional wife answer seems to satisfy everybody. However, what is odd and suspicious about a person traveling alone? For me, traveling solo is a wonderful thing. When I want to remain someplace, I remain. When I want to leave, I leave. There is no other opinion with which to deal. Just a very, very happy thing!

Sometimes I do not do the dishes right after eating. Sometimes the carpet remains to be swept. And sometimes MsTioga's outside is not washed. There is no discussion, debate, concern. Whatever I do is OK, because I most always approve of what I do.

Just for fun I did a Google search for; "Living solo." Wow! Incredible! Hmmmm? There seems to be a big interest in "Living solo."

3PM - The great propane mystery!
We are low on propane. There is no propane leak, or anything like that. I just did not fill MsTioga's propane tank. We passed several propane stations too.

Team Members when asked why Jorge did not fill the propane tank when he had the chance replied; "I don't know. It's a mystery!"

We would like to stay longer at Santa Maria Lake. But as you may see in the pic below of the propane gage, we are really low. MsTioga has never had a lower gage reading than this. So, we will leave this lovely place in the morning.
Do you see the red indicator on the left?


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