Sunday, October 26, 2008

La Laguna de Santa Maria del Oro.
We have made a Camp next to the lake of Santa Maria del Oro. Our Camp in inside a camping area, the only place that we could find to park MsTioga. It is not known if this is a free campsite or not.

It is a lovely day. The water is only a few feet away from our Camp.
Our Camp at Santa Maria del Oro Lake.

4PM - Camping at the lake.

Some young guys camping near us told that it costs 30 pesos [$3US] per nite to stay here. We are going to stay in this park.
We like this place!

7:30PM - Beauty of the lake.
In the evening, the colors of the lake are beautiful. The sounds are beautiful too. Dancing music just across from our Campsite.

We wish that you were here!
Santa Maria lake in the evening.


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